Fashion and Fellini

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Fellini’s “8 1/2”  is a great film full of fashion.

Sometimes fashion is somewhere we are not always ready to see it. For example it’s in films, music, art paintings and other art objects. Fellini film is truly a masterpiece in this sense. Such an aura, such an atmosphere it has, that it is simply impossible not to feel the real spirit of fashion, elegance, erudition, grace and style. The heroes’ costumes are simply striking in their sophistication and style. Style is even in the way how people behave: how women walk, how men look, how they wear their glasses, how they smile, dance, move, how they talk to each other and how they love. This is the life style atmosphere created by the film that strikes, fascinates and draws in a wonderful world. We don’t even mention all the sophisticated dresses, blazers, jackets and trousers and skirts which the actors are wearing. Despite the fact that the film is in black and white, there are many vivid colors in it. We see and feathers and silk, beautiful gowns and gorgeous hair, makeup and stylish accessories which all together makes everything in this film so beautiful. It’s definitely worth to see this film for all fans of fashion.

Here is some scene from the film.